Chic Or Shriek?

It’s fashion week. It’s Back to School Week. It’s Blake and Ryan get Married Week. So much to weigh in on. Let’s fucking do this! (pretty, pretty, pretty coked the fuck up right now)


1. Skinny Asian Bloggers

2. Skinny Asian Models

3. Skinny Asian DJ’s

4. Skinny Asian Photographers

5. Skinny Asian Lesbians (with tattoos)


1. South Carolina Weddings

2. Celebrity Weddings

3. Secret Weddings

4. Small Weddings

5. Weddings



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10 responses to “Chic Or Shriek?”

  1. Blonde227 Avatar

    Asians are not chic Babe..ew

    1. Guest Avatar

      Actually Asian models can be chic. :L

    2. natnat096 Avatar

      Dear Blonde Bitch,
      I’m Vietnamese.
      Sincerely, Asian Bitch

    3. Evan Cooper Karas Avatar

      Um… Asians are super chic! Look at Maggie Q or Alexa Chung (Well she’s like half-asian)!

    4.  Avatar

      I bet you think Alexis from the Real Housewives of Orange County is chic. So misguided.

  2. Coco Avatar

    Liu Wen!!!!!! chic to the max!!!

  3. Julie Avatar

    asians are slowly taking over the world

  4. Alexandra McIntyre Avatar
    Alexandra McIntyre

    Thank you for confirming the fact that blake lively is hideous.

  5. Stacey Townsend Avatar

    Just because no one wants to marry you doesn’t mean you have to hate on weddings. Do you ever have anything positive to say about something that is actually meaningful? Or is being happy and in love not “chic”? You disgust me. I don’t know how you are a published author…your editor and publishing company must be on crack.

    1. Lauren Lever Avatar

      Awww, come on.. it is a joke. I still love you babe.

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