Lord Won’t You Buy Me… Chris Benz SP 13

Every NY Fashion Week is a shit show. It starts out fun, for about 15 minutes, then I get into a fight with my driver or hair person or dog and everything goes awry. The crowds sick me out, the parties always end too soon and the truth is, Fashion Week is more about bad taste than good. BUT, I do always love seeing my boyfriend Chris Benz and his color-orgy of a collection.  He says the line was inspired by Tiny Tim, I, however, have my own ideas. Let’s take a stroll down drug lane and see what inspired the SP 13 collection…

This lil’ prairie number is brought to you by the power of gin, Marlboro Lights, and UV rays.

Peyote. For sure.


Coke. But chic coke, not Miami coke.

Liquid lsd.

Hallucinogenic mushroom chocolate syrup, on burnt toast.

Ayahuasca. Google it (now).

Artificial sweetener.

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