Rochas For Days

Is it me, or is Spring ’13 all over the place? It’s like…some stuff is day-to-day wearable, and some stuff is super moment-specific. Some collections are giving me Miami coke/yacht vibes, others are giving me scary BFF vibes (I know that was couture, but back the fuck off and just go with me here). But then there are the collections that are just so me, that I can finally stop worrying about what it’s going to be like to wear a floral, fur coat in 80 degree weather (thanks a lot for that, Miuccia–as if I don’t sweat enough already). Enter Rochas SS ’13: the collection that literally took my breath away because it was like looking in a Babe mirror. There’s an outfit for every day of my life, like:

The “Me Being Me” Day

The “Meeting A Guy And Telling Him I’m A Virgin” Day

The “Post Hangover Champagne Brunch” Day

The “I’m Sleepwalking At Barneys” Day

The “Thin And Empowered” Day

The “I Have Way Too Many Feelings To Deal With My Dad Who Keeps Telling Me To Get A Job” Day

The Spa Day

The “Fine, I’ll Go To Work But I’m Going To Hate Every Second Of It” Day

The “Maybe I Slept With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend, Maybe I Didn’t” Day

The “Everybody Leave Me Alone While I Pretend I’m Helena Bonham Carter In Fight Club” Day

The “Am I Fat?” Day

The “I Texted My Boyfriend 10,000 Times Today” Day

The “Oops! I Didn’t Realize You Were Going To Wear Red To Your Birthday Party Too” Day

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