Ask Babe: Child Slavery

Dear Babe,

How acquainted are you with Thylane Blondeau? She sounds like your protégée.



Anna Wintour,

Of course Thylane and I are aquainted. She’s practically my niece. My dad and her dad are old friends (my dad is his attorney) and I’ve know her since she was a fetus model. They’re a super lovely family, she is fucking gorgeous, her mom is fucking gorgeous, her dad is fucking gorgeous, her brother is fucking gorgeous. It’s fucking sick.

Thy is 11 years old and she’s been in VOGUE, like 14 times. Her family’s like the Beckhams, but frencher and better and hotter. You have no idea how right you are when you say she’s my protege. She want’s to be me and I want to be her. We’re each other’s role model. It’s meta.

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