Babe on Film: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Most of my formative movie experiences happened either when I was six or less than six months ago.  But “Drop Dead Gorgeous” happened somewhere in between. I saw this movie when I was 13 and still hadn’t had my labiaplasty, lost my virginity, or gotten my shit together in any capacity. The film centers around a beauty pageant in Minnesota among a group of high school girls who get so competitive that a series of suspicious accidents/murders start eliminating them one by one. No matter how worried I was about the shitshow that was my life, I would never have to worry about living in a trailer or proving myself through tap dance, like Kirsten Dunst’s character.

This movie embraces so many things I love – early 2000’s Amy Adams, “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” Kirsti Alley embracing her inner and outer fatness, stage moms, and the still sorely missed Brittany Murphy.

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