Babe On Film: Kristen’s Balenciaga Liveblog

I cannot wait for this. This might unseat “The Master” as my favorite filmed entertainment this year. So many questions about “Twilight” behind the scenes gossip. So many angry accusations about R-Patz, their relationship, whether or not one or both of them is gay, Liberty Ross, the short shorts she wore with her dad that one time…

The whole thing will probably last less than five minutes before they have to shut it down/close viewer question submission, which is exactly the amount of time I can pay attention to it before getting bored or taking a nap break. It’s next Thursday at 8.

My question would have been “what is this promoting?”, but the Internet knew the answer (a perfume called “Florabotanica”) and so now my question would be “does this fragrance cover the scent of unwashed hair or do you just mask that with cigarette smoke?”It’s something I’m sure we’re all wondering.

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