Ask Babe: I Don’t Want Him To Love Me


My boss is in love with me. As in literally. Normally I’d be flattered and be like “of course you are, but your hairline is receding, and you’re married, so, it’s whatever”, only, I genuinely care about this guy. It could be because he’s my best friends’ husband, I don’t know. Either way, me being in their lives has caused major bullshit in their marriage, and I feel as though I should quit my job and move to Greece. The problem is, I can’t, because his wife is becoming très depressed and I feel it is my duty to pull her out of this hole as it is my existence that’s brought this upon them. I do not GET why he’s into me, though. HELP.

P.S I read your book, I gave to every single female I give a shit about, and we all LOVED it. So much so, that I’ve declared it my new bible. No, religion.





Objet D’Affection Du Jour,

You’re taking this all WAY too personally. This is not your problem, it’s his. It’s theirs. The wife-piece/your friend may be chic but you’re the one who has his attention and you need to stop blaming yourself for it. We can’t come down on ourselves every time a man wants to throw his life(wife) away and drag us to Corsica. It happens and that’s fine. You have to find a private situation with your boss and tell him that you’d appreciate it if he’d stop having boners all the time. “I don’t want to make this a really terrible and life-altering ordeal…for anyone.” is always good to drop in there. Or move to Greece.

Oh, and you can’t be friends with that girl anymore. Oops.


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