Ask Babe: Merry Ex-Mas

Okay Babe, help.

Musician ex-boyfriend is going to rehab again for a recurring heroin problem (which I feel is simultaneously very 90’s chic and kind of overall un-chic), and he keeps texting me trying to like, reconnect, even though we haven’t spoken in over a year. Our relationship was short but super intense and ended due to long-distance complications (that are no longer an issue) and as much as I miss him and would love to help this whole “new leaf” thing he’s trying, I feel like it might be a really really terrible idea. (He’s seriously beautiful but kind of a psycho.) What’s your approach to exes and re-kindling an old and possibly psychotic flame?



P.S. – Just finished your book and ADORE it/you. Dying for a sequel.


Girlfriend of River Phoenix,

The holidays are the perfect time for rekindling old flames. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I like to issue texts to every man I’ve ever loved, just to see who bites. This practice guarantees I will either be 1) Back with them by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around or 2) Crying and naked on my bathroom floor because they didn’t text me back. What can I say? I’m a Gemini. I like extremes.

Here’s what I think…go for it? If I had an ex that was reminiscent of Basketball Diaries Leo, I would never leave his side. That being said, heroin kills people, so don’t be too shocked if he OD’s and dies.

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