Beat Babe: Kyle’s Hair

Vous Avez Les Cheveux Noirs

No one used to care.

About you.

I still don’t.

Your fame.

Not clear.

Your hair.

Less clear.

You laid dormant in the dark shadows of the other women around you.

Women can be so scary.

Paris. Nicky. Kathy. Even Kim.

Alone, I sit in front of my mirror. I think of your mane.

Black locks for days. But is it sexy?

Would I fuck you?

Would you fuck me?

Your hair that hair what is that hair and who told you it was ok for your hair to be so fucking long and so intensely black why are you doing this to all of us your hair is just so intense, Kyle.



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5 responses to “Beat Babe: Kyle’s Hair”

  1. Samantha Avatar

    Its a wig. She took it off on some dinner party show with some other twats on it. Not Chic.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    I fucking love Kyle’s hair, Babe.

  3. Chloé Avatar

    Babe, her hair is so fab!

  4. mindy Avatar

    who is kyle?

  5. holly Avatar

    her hair is kind of tremendous. in a good way.

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