It’s The Most Lonliest Time…Of The Year.

Basically, being single during the holidays it the absolute worst. Worse than being single for your birthday, worse than being single for Valentines Day, worse than being single for fashion week, worse than being single for Ramadan, worse than being single during the Olympics, worse than being single for a funeral, and even worse than being single when you’re in Mexico.

This fall has taken me on a love-journey of epic proportion but I’m single at the moment and needless to say…this xmas was especially dark for me. I ate 1/4 of a mini candy cane at my gynecologist’s office, my dad gave me and his girlfriend the same exact Goyard carry on, and everyone I spent the holiday with had a significant other. My dad is still with Lizbeth, Roman is back with Uri (at the moment), Gen is dating this 18 year old barista from Intelligentsia in Silver Lake and Mabinty is with her new bf, Karl. I have no one.

So on xmas eve, in a very drunk, very alone state, I decided to go check out my profile on How About We. 

It’s the dating site that Gen signed me up for a few months ago without my knowledge. But it turned out to be kinda cute. Rather than just filing out a profile about yourself, you have to propose a date. That way you get a sense of who someone is based on there interests. So far I’ve met a bunch of psychos on the site, and also a bunch of hot guys. No one that has stuck, but certainly good enough for me to keep coming back.

Great. OK. Snap the fuck out your bullshit pity party. 2013 is all about a boyfriend so if you don’t want to be sad, alone and fat on New Years Eve, like you were for christmas, then go check it out:

You’ll probably meet a guy that is worth taking out for your NYE plans. Or you can ask me out on date if you want. I’m listed simply as Babe Walker and I’m not opposed to a lesbian fling. Let me know how it turns out.



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  1. meg Avatar

    how much are they paying you babe? not enough for this to be ok.

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