Ask Babe: I Dream Of Ginger

Dear Babe,

Am I the only one who’s terrified of Grace Coddington?



Anna Wintour,

There was a six week period (I was probably 12) during which I was waking up with night terrors involving Grace and a machete and mounds of red hair and fire and images of the holocaust. Like clockwork, she’d come to me, as if she were an angel of death assigned  by the devil to haunt my innocent soul as I slept. I had a special therapist just to talk about these nightmares.

So, no. You are not he only one affected by the terrifying essence of Grace Coddington. She possesses a powerful wickedness that luckily she uses for good and not for evil. My friend, Lilac, who used to make Karl Lagerfeld’s tea, did once see Grace light a model’s cigarette with her bare hands, though. So…

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