Babe-ing Amish

It’s official: Amish shit is really having its moment in the spotlight. It all started in 1985 with that Harrison Ford movie Witness (which also starred a young Viggo Mortensen, so it’s obvi a must-watch). Fast forward however many years to Spring ’13 couture, where Ulyana Sergeenko makes a collection that makes me want to witness a murder so I can hide out in Amish country and wear the following looks:

This prompted me to look back to the Spring ’13 SLP show, and now I’m thinking I might need to readjust my prior opinions on the whole matter. Maybe I was too distracted by the fringed nastiness to notice that the tailored suits and wide-brimmed hats were a total nod to masculine, Mennonite chicness:

Also, not to be discounted are the more ladylike cape + dress combos:

Am I right?!

Also there was a week this Fall where I was really pilled out/depressed and I watched a marathon of that creepy Amish TLC reality show with all those weirdos who lied or something? Unclear. But there was also a wannabe model on that show who was kind of pretty. I die for an Amish-turned-model moment.

Okay, maybe “model” is a bit of a stretch. Also maybe I’m still on pills. Also maybe I just need to buy a HUGE hat and get over this whole Amish moment.

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