Okay, so the Presidential inauguration was going perfectly.  Obama was exactly as self-possessed as I expected.  Sasha and Malia?  Stop.  The tailoring on their coats was perfection.

Then, Beyoncé entered, sang the National Anthem, and exited to New Orleans.  I would have recommended a stronger wind machine and maybe a different pair of earrings, but my feeling as the song came to an end was a mix of euphoria and Whitney Houston energy.   All was well.

Then came the controversy.

I don’t care whether or not the performance was actually lip-synched.  What’s troubling me is the fact that everyone from Wolf Blitzer to TMZ is now discussing Beyonce’s merit as if she’s a Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson.

Psychos, I take inspiration from Beyoncé.  I follow Beyoncé on Instagram.  I want to be Blue Ivy’s legal gaurdian while her parents are on tour.  I know it isn’t Sunday, but please – let us pray that Beyoncé’s response to this whole thing reaffirms her ability to stay perfect throughout a crisis and grants us the wisdom to always keep our shit tight.  Amen.

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