Bella and Gigi

Now that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is finally over, it’s safe to share my thoughts with the world.

My Tai Tai (dead grandmother) once told me that sometimes, the greatest gifts in life come when you least expect them. Well, while I was watching RHOBH with Roman one night, and judging Yolanda Foster for her slicked back hooker hair, I became kinda obsessed with her daughters, Bella and Gigi.

These girls remind of Victoria’s Secret angels if Victoria’s Secret angels were real and never wore Victoria’s Secret. Or the chic younger sisters you never had. You know, the ones that follow you around, brush your hair, and perform free microdermabrasions?

Okay, so one of them is a “model” for Guess. Whatever. Years of therapy have taught me how to forgive. What really matters is that they’re multinational, multiracial, blond, brunette, and on the cutting edge of cutting edge. They’re everything Suri Cruise wants to be.

So, whether or not you still enjoy watching Kim Richards’ life fall apart, start paying attention to these psychos.

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