Ask Babe: Bible Study

Dear Babe,

There’s this young man in my adult bible study group that I find extremely attractive. I attend the social hours after the class but even then I don’t know how to approach him without looking like a heathen.




Dear Pope Emeritus Benedict,

A few questions:

1. What is a “social hour”?

2. Is it possible for someone to write me into the Bible? “The Holy Bable” could really be compelling, I feel.

3. How do you preform an exorcism?/Can you please teach me?

4. On a sliding scale (1-10) how do you really feel about the Jews?

5. Is it possible that Karl Lagerfeld is the Messiah?

As per your question (and as someone who dressed up as a “slutty nun” twice for Halloween), you’d be amazed at how far a little skin can go in attracting a little choir boy.  This is why I would strongly advise trading in your black wool dress, kitten heels, and chastity belt for something more…revealing.

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