You’re a Babe: Wendy Davis

I’m still in a major political phase, so give me some space because I need to talk about Wendy Davis.  Anyone with the fortitude to be born in Texas, believe in equal rights for women, become a Democratic politician, and not move or kill themselves immediately deserves my attention and now, after an hours-long filibuster that struck down the passage of a truly heinous attempt at limiting women’s rights, she fucking has it.  She.  Does.  Not.  Quit.  Also, some psycho tried to fire-bomb her in 2012 and she’s still a member of the Texas state senate and not vacationing in the Maldives recuperating from the emotional trauma?  Um, holy shit.

For a person who isn’t Sharon Stone, she looks pretty fucking great at fifty, and everyone in New York is scrambling to be the first to have their picture on The Sartorialist wearing her bright pink sneakers.  Cannot wait for the movie about this where she is played by a computer generated combination of Laura Dern and Connie Britton.  Wendy is chic for hours.  Eleven hours.  Until whenever midnight is. Love you.

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