Babe Goes To Auction (Part 2)

In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year on the throne, the British mattress company, Savoir, is creating 60 select editions of a $175,000 Royal Bed.  And while I’m sure an American mattress company is making something just as major in honor of Blue Ivy’s 1st “B’Day”, the release of this luxury bed once again reminded me that even the most common household item can always be more exclusive/more hand made/more encrusted with diamonds.

Here are a few I would consider purchasing in the future.


This million dollar bottle of vodka is triple refined, then poured through precious stones and diamonds for further distillation. It’s also delicious. It’s also heinous looking so I, unfortunately, will never be caught dead drinking it again.

Trash Can

This $15,000 pop art trash can is the only way to dispose of your unwanted waste (other than possibly fire).


Buying used toilets is always suspect, but this 24 karat gold throne might just be an exception. Besides, it’s from Hong Kong so it’s probably an antique.

Contact Lenses

These $15,000 contact lenses are embedded with gold and diamonds to make you look like a really chic alien from the Gatsby era. They’re also the only thing (other than Donatella’s current face) that makes me wish I wasn’t born with perfect vision.


This African wild cat x Asian leopard cat x American house cat is the first step in custom animal collaborations. Chicness. Purrr.


In an effort to create the movement of positive energy, each floor of this  27-story/2 billion dollar/600 person staffed home is made in a different architectural style. My shaman and investment advisor say this is a must if I ever decide to buy in Mumbai. I think it looks like dirty teeth stacked on top of each other, but that’s me.

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