Ask Babe: The Munchies

Hey Babe,

I know you are busy with your new book and stuff, but there is a little thing I want to ask you. How do you deal with the food cravings (if you have any) when you are stoned? You must have some amazing recipes for these moments!




Dear James Gandolfini’s Ghost,

Training myself to avoid the munchies was a process that involved intensive therapy, a Japanese acupuncturist named Su, and the realization that eating gelati at 2am (or ever) isn’t cute. Now, when I pair my marijuana with anything it’s either diet coke, coca-cola light, or prosecco. That being said, keep in mind that if you’re smoking the right stuff, it should be perfectly delicious on its own – I’d recommend something grown in Western Europe or California. I’ve been smoking out of this thing and I’m loving it/finding it doesn’t even give me any “munchie” vibes.

If you’re really struggling…try this recipe. I’ve never made it but my Jewish stoner friends swear by it.

Kosher Bacon:

One packet thick cut organic bacon

Total Prep time: ~ 20 minutes

Cook bacon according to package instructions. Smell to your hearts content. Cry. Throw bacon away.

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