Ask Babe: Playing Favorites

Dearest Babe,

What was your favorite outfit ever and where it was worn?


Dear US Weekly,

Thanks for the really boring but also unanswerable inquiry. There are some questions to which I can’t give a proper response, mainly because I’m super tired, but also because they’re so loaded. My favorite outfit? It’s like asking me which of my Birkins I’d save in a fire. I don’t fucking know. For your sake, however, I’ve racked my brain and this is what I came up with…

I’d have to say, and this might surprise you, that my favorite outfit ever was/is a serious Prada or Celine chunk-heel, an amazing pair of black jeans or skinny leather jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a vintage Balenciaga blazer that my grandmother, Tai Tai, left me after her untimely death a few years ago. I live in this outfit and I wear it to meetings, on dates, and to parties thrown by people who I feel need to be more jealous of my natural ability to shine bright. The simplicity of the outfit is what I like to call a “fuck you.” Plus it makes me feel closer to the two most important women I’ve ever known, my Tai Tai and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Additionally, once I swam with dolphins off the coast of South Africa wearing a Pucci jumpsuit from the’70s, so that was cute too.



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  1. Sisley Avatar

    You are hilarious/entertaining/awesome/I adore you.

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