Babe On Film: Blackfish

Everyone knows that SeaWorld is an un-chic hellhole filled with fat tourists wearing Tevas. But did you know that it’s also responsible for breeding the Chris Brown of killer whales? Well, now you will. 

Blackfish has inspired me to become an advocate to shamu everywhere, so I’ve been hosting viewing symposiums at my house. I’ve already held one for my beauty team (facialist, colorist, Thai masseuse, regular masseuse, waxer, manicurist, et al) my spiritual team (Vedic astrologer, numerologist, shaman Steve, psychic, energy healer) and soon my dad and all his lawyer friends. The dress code is nautical elegance–I usually experiment with a slicked-back hairstyle of some sort. After we’ve watched the film, I like to serve a fresh, seven-seaweed salad, lead a guided meditation to help everyone identify their spirit animals, and perform angry beat poetry for an hour or so. It feels so good to spread truth. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to do the same.


Guy Bourdin

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