Masculin Féminin

A trend of feminine dress has been unfolding in men’s fashion and I, for one, am not mad at it. Sartorial gender bending is something I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to do for months. Is it so much to ask that he wear an Ann Demeulemeester wrap around apron I bought him to dinner every once in awhile? I think not. We had an argument about this last week, and I’d all but let it go until we went to the Atoms For Peace concert at the Hollywood Bowl and Thom Yorke and Flea were both wearing said apron.

Chic. This inspired me to compile a bunch of men-in-skirt photos. Here, we have the king of the movement, Marc Jacobs:

And A$AP Rocky looking extremely sexy:

And let’s not forget Kanye’s leather Givenchy moment:

Or Anthony Kiedis’s flag skirt moment:

Or this kilt-y moment of sexiness, brought to you by Ewan McGregor:

 Anyways, I’m hoping that these pictures, coupled with an amazing blow job will be enough to encourage my BF to delve into the world of fashion androgyny. If not, I can always move to a hotel until I get my way. Pray for me. 

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