Ask Babe: Book Babe

Dear Babe,

What are some chic books related to fashion?




Dear Booker T. Washington,

Your timing is impeccable. I’ve been on a fucking reading rampage since I finished my new book PSYCHOS. This always happens when I’m done writing. When I was done writing my first book, I read like 5000 pages in a period of like a week. I can’t read when I’m writing for some reason, so when I’m done writing something I go crazy reading books. Here are my ideas for you:



Love Leandra. Her blog is major, her book is major-er.  She is funny, smart, sexy and sometimes I want to lick her face when I see her out. Get the book, love the book and then tell me what you think.



If you love fashion by way of being terrified by fashion, then also add my boyfriend, Simon Doonan’s, book Asylum to your cunty little reading list. It sounds scary because asylum is a scary word that I personally don’t ever say, but it’s actually a quick and fucking really funny read. I read it during a three hour delay, stuck on my dad’s plane on a tarmac trying to get from Anguilla to LA. All I’d eaten for breakfast and lunch that day were espresso beans, so when I took mistakenly took an Adderall instead of the percocet that I meant to take, I figured fuck it, let me read this shit. I’m glad I did because now I know about Suzy Menkes’ near death experience, Tom Ford’s yacht-wear of choice, and Simon’s almost-as-intense-as-mine family.



This book is literally so heavy that you will burn calories just turning the pages. Also it is chic as fuck. Read it in a dark room with 3 candles burning, and you will see your future.

There are so many great books about fashion, but these are the only ones that matter. JK, but kind of not.


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