Ask Babe: No Makeup?

Hey Babe,

So after dating my BF for over 2 years, I still haven’t taken all of my makeup off in front of him. I always faked a flawless natural look but now that I’m spending the night at his place so often my skin is starting to suffer. And I’m not sure if I could handle the rejection of “so this is what you reeally look like??”

I freak myself out sometimes when I take my mascara off… (it’s the only thing I can’t live without). Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Dear Paris Hilton,

Sometimes, I forget what psychos you all are. Sometimes I forget how psycho girls can be when they’re in a new relationship. And sometimes I forget my own birthday, but that’s a different story.

If you want this relationship to go anywhere your boyfriend is going to have to see your hideous face at some point, so just rip the band aid off tonight when you go to sleep, and if he wakes up tomorrow in shock and horror that he went to bed with a 6 and woke up with a 3 then he’s a piece of shit who’s not worth your time anyway.

Alternatively, you could always just invest in one of these cute loungewear items to take your boyfriend’s mind off your face and onto your body.

Fleur Du Mal Kimono

If I learned anything from my trips to Japan it’s that you can never have too many kimonos.

Castle and Hammock Robe 

Or if you want to go in a different direction, you can try something more… American.

Soul Cycle Sweatpants

Whatever you do, just don’t wear these. Or do, depending on what type of girl you are.

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