Babe Walker x TEMPTU

I’m about to reveal a beauty secret (and a cute contest…which I’ll get to later) that I’ve been keeping to myself for a while now that will blow your mind, so prepare yourself by sitting down, laying down, making sure you’re not standing next to any sharp corners, take an extra Valium, etc… 

Airbrush. Makeup.

There, I said it. What was once reserved solely for the purpose of painting flowers on Playboy Bunnies’ tits for the Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at the mansion, is now being used on actresses, celebrities, and most importantly: models. The weapon of choice is the TEMPTU airbrushing system, which is perfect for replicating the no-makeup-y makeup from Alexander Wang’s S/S ’14 show.

Or attempting the velvet skin/bright lips from DKNY S/S ’14. I live for a beauty tutorial taught by a young, innocent foreigner:

I also live for stunning, model-y Asians showing me how to use makeup:

If you’re as stoned as I am, and are dying to watch more beauty tutorials, you can do so at Fashion Indie by clicking here. Personally, I love an avant-garde face. For example: I did this S/S ’14 Prada statement eye for a friend’s kid’s christening.

Fun Fact: Pat McGrath used TEMPTU for all the models’ eye makeup at that show.

I also did this very Death Becomes Her-esque look to go to a circuit party with Roman last weekend.

And I’m going to do this severe cheekbones look for an upcoming funeral. No one’s died yet, but sometimes I just get a feeling. Better to prepare your moments of chic than be caught off guard.

So you see, not only is airbrushing fab for “safe” makeup, but it also can achieve high fashion beauty as well. Therefore, I reached out to TEMPTU and decided to partner with them to give you psychos the opportunity to win a prize package worth $500. All you have to do is Instagram your spring beauty inspirations with the hashtag #DoUTemptu and I will announce the winner on February 20th. If you can’t deal with the thought of participating in Instagram contests to win stuff, you can just grab your own TEMPTU airbrushing system here.

Namaste and good luck. And please, please, please don’t bore me. Please.

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