Retail Therapy

I’m currently in New York City for Fashion Week and I’m already completely exhausted. Taking in new fashion is simultaneously exhilarating, nauseating, and emotionally taxing. Anyways, I decided to do what I normally do when I’m feeling overwhelmed in the city: turn off my phone; get high out of my mind; and find refuge inside my temple, Barneys. Let’s just say that watching other people model new clothes put me in the mood to buy. Also, talking to Joe Jonas at the Rag & Bone show put me in the mood to shower (but that’s another, more disturbing story).

Here are a few of my favorite purchases.

Rag and Bone Tatiana Shorts

I already have 5 pairs of these but they’re one of my favorites.

Acne Studios Mape Moto Jacket 

No one will fuck with you when you’re wearing this.

Acne Studios Skin Lacey Jeans 

A pair of black jeans are a staple of any closet.

Alexander Wang Swimsuit

It may be freezing in New York but it’s 70 degrees in LA.

Saint Laurent Reversible Shopper Tote

This bag is the perfect Valentines Day gift to give to yourself.


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