Ask Babe: Spring Break Style?

Dear Babe,

I’m going to Punta Cana soon for vacation and I just have no idea what to pack. I want to stay chic and less sweaty in the hot weather.




Dear Selena Gomez,

If you’re going somewhere warm there are a few important things you have to do. Unless you live in a tropical climate you’ve probably been holed up inside for months on end, which means that this event really is your pre-summer coming out party. Don’t underestimate the magnitude of that, trust. If you haven’t been maintaining a presentable body and skin quality throughout the winter, I would suggest investing in a super intensive esthetician/trainer situation pronto. 

In terms of clothing you’re going to want to pack the essentials first, starting with a few different super chic, flattering bathing suit options. This Jean Paul Gaultier bikini is fun, bright, and just screams Mexico (but in a sexy beach-y way, not a scary drug cartel-y way). Alternatively, if can’t lose your winter weight fast enough to feel comfortable in something skimpy, one pieces are also a good option. Like this blue one from Missoni, which is classic, elegant and chic. Always remember that just because you  choose to go the one piece route doesn’t mean you should immediately resign yourself to looking like your ninety year old grandmother. 

Now, if you want to cover up but remain sweat-less try wearing a silk caftan.  Trust me, if you’ve never owned a caftan before you have to buy one.  You can wear them to the beach, but can also dress them up for meals. They also make you look super wise/spiritual which can be great for last minute dinners with foreign dignitaries should that situation arise. I’m really into this flowy yet elegant Zebra Paisley one by Etro.  Also this shorter one by Camilla is zen/magical/everything. 

So take my sage advice and hopefully you won’t look too hein on your beach vacay (jk, kinda). Also, don’t forget to throw in a pair of these snakeskin thong sandals(going barefoot is fun until you accidentally step in a mound of horse shit).

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