Musique Babe: Goldfrapp

Basically, this cinematic video masterpiece is the prequel narrative of Kristen Stewart’s character from Panic Room which in my opinion is about as chic as it comes. SH made being a boy cooler than being a girl. Except, this features a real boy.

Anyways, this Goldfrapp vid is the band’s best yet. It gives me life. It gives me chills. And it reminds of of the times in my life when nothing made sense and all I could do with my time was walk through forests and jungles (depending on where in the world I was), questioning why I wasn’t in love anymore or why I wasn’t pregnant yet. There is some food or someone making pizza dough or something, which weirds me out, but besides that, this one will bring you to a very, very, very zen place.

Love is beauty. Beauty is love. I’m a little drunk because I had a valium for breakfast.



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