Sunday Prayer: Ian Ziering is 50.

When I was a young, young, young baby Babe, I was obsessed with the original cast of BH 90210 (thank you syndication). Like, scary obsessed. All of my friends had little crushes on Luke Perry and Jason Priestley, yet I had a little lady boner for Ian Z. Maybe it was his pure white blonde mullet/jerry-curl, or his shiny skin, but the dude got me going.

Well today Ian turns 50, which I acknowledge is the new 42, even for a guy, but still it makes me feel old as fuck.

So on this dreary sunday in NYC, let us all pray for me and the fact that I actually feel kind of old-ish. It’s fucking creepy. I’m only 26, which I acknowledge is the new 17, but still. OK, go fuck yourselves, I’m gonna cry for the next 3 days.

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