Recipe Babe: Lemon Dippers

It’s hot outside. Like really hot. Like “my intern is sweating and it’s not okay” hot. Like, there are fires in the woods or wherever and people’s houses are burning down. Now normally I would just leave town and go somewhere more sane, but since I’m in the middle of some work obligations (movie stuff…wink wink), I cannot leave LA.

So….. I’m trying to be the positive this week,  and I decided to treat my staff to one of my favorite warm weather treats to cool everyone off.

This dessert is a giant “fuck you” to the sahara-like heat that is heading our way. 

Lemon Dippers

1 extra large, organic, lemon

8 individual Stevia packets

1/4 cup Alkalized water

Peel the lemon by cutting off both ends, standing it up, and slicing down the edges with a  very sharp, professional grade chef’s knife. Cut into 8 wedges. Place wedges on a sheet pan covered in parchment paper and place in freezer. Let rest for 2 hours or overnight. Remove from pan, dip the wedges in water and then coat each wedge with one Stevia packet per. Return to freezer for 20 min or until set. Serve cold. 

You’ll love. Bye.

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