Babe Walker’s Post-Holiday Gift Guide

Dear Everyone, I know, the holidays are over. But I find that celebrating a holiday when everyone else is celebrating to be very un-chic. Also, I forgot to post my holiday shopping guide at an appropriate time because I was …

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A Day In The Life Of Me

A few weeks ago I was in NYC handling some business for my second book, and what would normally be classified as a really stressful day was made somewhat bearable thanks to my new favorite accessory.¬†Even though I pride myself …

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Ask Babe: Playing Favorites

Dearest Babe, What was your favorite outfit ever and where it was worn? D***** Dear US Weekly, Thanks for the really boring but also unanswerable inquiry. There are some questions to which I can’t give a proper response, mainly because …

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The Babe Walker Registry

Surprise! I’m getting married! Jk. But just because I’m not engaged doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to be as happy as bitches who are, that’s fucking discriminatory! So, I’ve started a Babe Walker registry for my birthday, holidays and …

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