Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

I was leaving a friend’s house in WeHo yesterday and I kinda backed over her dog. His name (yes this is a boy dog) is Frank. He identifies as a female so we call him Frankie. Hence all the pink! …

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Loose Pussy

It happened again, this time at a zoo in Cologne, Germany. A captive animal (tiger) that shouldn’t have been in captivity in the first place, decided that he really didn’t give a shit anymore and quit that bitch. Someone didn’t …

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Ask Babe: Warm Leatherette

Dear Babe, Where can I ¬†find a bag that suits my simple and chic lifestyle that isn’t made out of leather…or any animal product? I’m trying to be a low-impact vegan and I thought you’d be the right person to …

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You’re A Babe (Pet Edition): The Madagascar Aye Aye

I guess I’m kind of pet-obsessed lately. Actually I’m always pet-obsessed. I’ve had 57 pets throughout my life. I can’t say that I’ve loved them all equally, but they do each represent a very specific time (or breakup), so for …

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