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  • The Other Woman

    The Other Woman

    This though?

  • Ask Babe: Models?

    Ask Babe: Models?

    Babe, Do models eat, and if they do what do they eat? R*****   Dear Gigi Hadid, Seeing your idols fall from grace is a truly traumatic experience. For me this was witnessing an unnamed model eating a tuna sandwich outside a Pret A Manger. Trust me when I say it was one of the…

  • Recipe Babe: Coconut Truffles

    Recipe Babe: Coconut Truffles

    Although we’re still in the depths of January it’s never too early to starting thinking about shedding the pound you gained for winter, and recommitting yourself to your body fat and weight loss goals. Besides, since bikini season in California really starts in March, and because it’s almost February, it’s basically the first day of…

  • Ask Babe: Getting Over An Ex?

    Ask Babe: Getting Over An Ex?

    Dear Babe, How do you get over an ex? Should I jump right back into dating? S**** Dear Glenn Close In Fatal Attraction, Jumping into a new relationship any less than 2 weeks after a breakup is a bad idea (unless said person is Leo, Ryan Lochte, a member of the Lakers or Gwyneth). Getting over…