50 Shades Of Shut The Fuck Up

Shortly after getting out of rehab, I read all three books in the 50 Shades of Grey series. It was one of the least chic moments in the history of Babe, but what can I say? I was in a …

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Thanks, Barack!

The Supreme Court finally struck down DOMA (the┬áDefense of Marriage Act). Yay! Okay, so this means that the Federal Government (Sasha/Malia/Michele) must recognize same sex marriages that have already been recognized by the states (basically if you’re gay married in …

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Ask Babe: Bible Study

Dear Babe, There’s this young man in my adult bible study group that I find extremely attractive. I attend the social hours after the class but even then I don’t know how to approach him without looking like a heathen. …

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Ask Babe: My Boyfriend Is A Dick

Babe, My boyfriend treats me like shit. I cry all the time. My mom says I am giving myself to Walmart while my Barneys is waiting. What should I do? A*** Dear Rihanna, Some general thoughts on the subject of …

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