Thanks, Barack!

The Supreme Court finally struck down DOMA (the┬áDefense of Marriage Act). Yay! Okay, so this means that the Federal Government (Sasha/Malia/Michele) must recognize same sex marriages that have already been recognized by the states (basically if you’re gay married in …

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Ask Babe: Bible Study

Dear Babe, There’s this young man in my adult bible study group that I find extremely attractive. I attend the social hours after the class but even then I don’t know how to approach him without looking like a heathen. …

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Ask Babe: My Boyfriend Is A Dick

Babe, My boyfriend treats me like shit. I cry all the time. My mom says I am giving myself to Walmart while my Barneys is waiting. What should I do? A*** Dear Rihanna, Some general thoughts on the subject of …

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It’s The Most Lonliest Time…Of The Year.

Basically, being single during the holidays it the absolute worst. Worse than being single for your birthday, worse than being single for Valentines Day, worse than being single for fashion week, worse than being single for Ramadan, worse than being …

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