Ask Babe: Bonnaroo

Babe, I’m going to Bonnaroo! It’s hot, dirty, and overall not very chic. Please help me prepare mentally and physically. Thanks, K**** Dear Muddy Boo Boo Child, Although I’m not sure how I feel about your spending the weekend in …

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You’re A Bitch, Mother Nature

The apocolypse is coming. I think. Tornados in Oklahoma, floods in Texas, colliding trains in Connecticut, Amanda Bynes’ wig, Amanda Bynes on the elliptical, Amanda Bynes in jail. In lieu of the current tragedies/travesties, I spent most of this past …

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So Coachella Happened…

And it was a fashion embarrassment for most everyone involved. I’m unclear on people thinking that they can resuscitate the worst trends from the 60’s just because they’re at a music festival in Palm Springs. I didn’t go, because I don’t speak fringe, …

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Ask Babe: Escape From Winter

Dear Babe, Winter is bringing me down. Give me a reason to live. Yours T*****   Bored, Cold, and Over It, When I’m stuck in the depths of a chilly winter depression, I find that springy music is the fastest …

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