The Sexiest Man Alive Curse

No, Channing Tatum is nowhere near the Sexiest Man anywhere. If you want muscles, there’s Joe Manganiello. If you want someone in a stable relationship, obviously there’s Andrew Garfield. If you want someone who seems kind of dumb, there’s infinite …

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Our Moment

This is me taking a moment to congratulate America on not being a douchebag for one second. If I learned anything in seventh grade Social Studies with that really hot teacher who was too young for the job and hit …

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Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker

Today I pray for my six¬†Ukrainian¬†facialists who taught me how to sleep standing up to keep my forehead vertically taut, I also pray for the entire staff of the Bowery Hotel, I pray for my biological mother and her wife, …

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Ask Babe: Big Bored

Babe, Obama’s Big Bird ad? Needing your thoughts, M*******   Political Child, As far as I’m concerned, Big Bird represents freedom, height, yellow, homosexuality, animals, youth, feather headdresses, fashion, the 1970s, and humor. So, it makes perfect sense that he’s …

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