Sunday Prayers With Babe Walker: If There’s A God

I went on maybe the best date of my life last night. Maybe. I laughed really hard at his jokes and some of them were actually funny, he doesn’t drive an annoying car, and he’s never slept with anyone I …

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Ask Babe: Virginity Issues

Hey Babe, I am one of the few virgins at 21 and not because of some religious reason just always tried to find a man who wasn’t a pig—-and proved impossible. I’ve given up and want to know: Chic or …

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Ask Babe: 2014 Valentine’s Edition

Babe: I’m single for Valentine’s day but I want chocolate… Is it too pathetic to buy myself some? Be honest. Love, R******   Dearest Melissa McCarthy, Please stop talking about chocolate. Please, please, please, please. You need pull yourself together. …

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Genevieve and I were having invisible smoothies* at our favorite juice bar this morning, when I noticed that she was glowing. Like her skin was literally radiating light. Not only that, but she was also getting checked out by every …

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