Ask Babe: Love Affair


I’m in love.

I really love cocaine, but I cant afford it all the time. Help.




Dear Lindsay Lohan,

I know you’ve run into some financial issues, of late. You really need to chill with the coke, babe. It’s not cute. I get that you love coke. Who the fuck doesn’t love coke? Everyone loves coke! It’s coke.

Moderation is key here. Once a week, max. Actually once a month, max for you. Restore peoples faith in you. You could probably have a major comeback if you just laid off the powder. K bye.

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I love drugs kinda. #whitegirlproblems

Boring Is Basic Is Sad

Roman was over at my place last night because neither of us had seen the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Finale, which was on Monday night. It’s our favorite show. Our fave, Adore, didn’t take home the crown, but it was still funny and gay and fun and not chic and stupid and everything to us. The girls basically all looked amazing, but they also all basically looked insane. I got an idea.

I know it’s prom season and my younger, high-school age psychos will be turning up and drinking rum out of Poland Spring bottles all over the country. But I think that this year, some of you should dare to be bigger, bolder, and queenier. I mean, when it comes to your looks. And ditch your lacrosse player boyfriends for your gay best friends. They’ll hold your hair back, Ryan/Kevin/Whoever, will not. So, I’ve compiled a shit-list of some of my favorite Drag Race looks, over the seasons. Take this as a jumping-off point.

You’re welcome.

Alaska Thunderfuck


Mariah Balenciaga

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Sometimes, I'm just a drag queen with a vagina. #whitegirlproblems